I m only 50 miles in cause I ve been out of town but I m absolutely loving the...


I'm only 50 miles in, cause I've been out of town, but I'm absolutely loving the Hagon shocks and my new Avon tires. Took it out on some twisties the other day, I'm in the break-in period on the tires, of course, so I wasn't pushing it, but they felt great.

The Hagon shocks are a dream.

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  • So noticeably better then?

    Still tossing up between these and the YSS units

  • Noticeably better for sure.

  • I went from vintage tires to the continental contiGO. And it is a giant improvement. Used to be able to leave rubber down in a hard turn on the throttle. Modern tread and compounds are amazing on these bikes. My hardtail cb900c was the same way. Vintage tread/compound versus modern shinkos. They look a little funny on old bikes, but I will not go the other route unless I built a show bike. And I don't think I will cause if you can't ride the piss out of it what's the point?