I m pretty frustrated with my shadow right now runs great no prob then...

I'm pretty frustrated with my shadow right now...runs great no prob then randomly loses power and dies. After a few minutes starts back up and runs like nothing ever happened. I ran some sea foam thru it couple days ago and replaced the plugs, ran great for a day and then continued to sporadically lose power and die.

  • I'll go get me a volt gauge tmrw and check thanks for the help I'll update after

  • Put your tongue on the coil and see

  • You will see a dramatic drop in voltage if coils are bad..other way is to do a continuity test on ur coils and stater

  • I think I'll stick to the volt gauge ha

  • Where's ur sense of adventure Bryan haha

  • How old is your bike and have you been using Sea Foam from the start? I'm onboard a ship and I asked the Chief Engineer if using it on my 2002 Spirit was a good idea. He told me that unless you use it right from the start, it is NOT a good idea to use Sea Foam, or similar products. This may loosen up old carbon build up, that wasn't harming your engine at all, and cause a blockage and major headaches.

  • well luckily I didn't put much in, and it didn't seem to make any additional negative effects. It's a 2005

  • Check batt cables and the negative on the engine too

  • Mines an 05 too check the plugs and fuel filter

  • Had same problem. Bad battery connections.

  • & the petrol tank breather hose is open ?

  • check your plug boots also...i found that i had one that wouldnt stay seated to the plug all the time

  • 1 check for spark. Always check spark first. Do the headlights dim or cut of when it does and do you have problems with turn signals not blinking if so check electrical. Of good spark and no other signs. Move on to fuel

  • Spark is the first thing I checked. And dude sign I forgot to mention and thank you for pointing out, my blinkers aren't blinking right. Right one isn't, left one off and on. Deff electrical once I get a day off can't wait to get that volt meter and check. Like I said I'm no mechanic but I do like to try and fix things myself first...y'all are a lot of help thanks. Is It easy to replace a bad coil? If that's a dumb question no worries I'll figure it out

  • I have never had to do one thank god they are easy to check just check. Just check the voltage when it's off and check it running at different voltages.