• I m really wanting to add bags but not wanting to spend as much as the factory...

    I'm really wanting to add bags, but not wanting to spend as much as the factory ones run, any suggestions?

    • Look up a company call leatherlyke I have them on my bike

    • Try ride bike gear that's where I got my hard bags and trunk

    • www.leatherup.com good priced bags

    • Don't waist your time anywhere else. www.jafrum.com

    • I put these on mine. The gray matches my bikes gray on the tank and the fenders

    • Viking Bags

    • Just ordered some from jafrum.com for $78 total! They look awesome online. Can't wait to get them this weekend. Will post pictures when installed.

    • What ones did you get?

    • Man Stephenson I got these

    • I've bought bags for 2 of my bikes through them and they've been decent quality, great for the price