I m selling my gsxr750 to get me a grom how much are they. Thanks


I'm selling my gsxr750 to get me a grom how much are they? Thanks

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  • You can get good deals as well. I got mine for 2300 with one mile

  • Got mine for £1700 2nd hand, just over 400 miles on the clock

  • Get a good en for 1800

  • $3700 brand new after tax, tag, and title

  • Do you not Google?

  • Haven't as of yet wanted to see if any cheap ones on here

  • Google doesn't have the answer to everything

    There's nothing wrong with asking a question on a dedicated page to that item as that's what it's here for :)

  • Stuart Attrill really I don't miss any of my big bikes, well I still have them but I never take them out I always want the grom it's loads more fun

  • That's what big bore kits are for

    But I find I hunt for the roads that suits the bike I'm on there is nothing better than a nice twisty roads and an MSX

  • 23 bikes in 11 years I've done 18 in 2


    You must try harder

    I don't tend to keep them very long as I get fed up quickly

    The only ones I have kept

    Is my TL ..Daytona and 990 Duke

  • Plus Danny Underwood brother owns a well respected racing modifications company so I doubt he will get bored with him to fiddle with it

  • I'm giving up riding big bikes on road mate and my Gsxr holds too much money my friend was killed doing what we do couple weeks ago and I also nearly had a too close call last night at 156 so I'm guna have little bike for fun on roads and a track bike bud

  • Slow bike fast is always better than fast bike slow

  • Will cost you about £7500 don't do it

  • £7500 +

    But worth every penny