I m soooo tempted to book my ferry tickets now for MotoGP Assen I know Rob said...

I'm soooo tempted to book my ferry tickets now for MotoGP Assen I know Rob said it was last weekend in June but I can't find the 2014 dates anywhere before I hit the 'pay now' button.... anyone? Rob de Hoo is away until tomorrow and I might book them tonight!! Anyone!!!!

  • I still can't get bookings for p&o

  • Done now, whoop ..all booked up, now waiting around to get stuck with a shitty time for crossing..All sorted, put to bed now can relax and concentrate on other things so come time = not much to pay for by tiem we go..That's the plan.. :p whoop whoop... Fran Sid Helstrip pm me a landline number please my moby is shit signal at home x

  • So, Fran Sid Helstrip they have a bit city centre street party on the Friday night looking at that....

  • Yeah I know!! Dad has been a few times and says we MUST do it!! Lol

  • Then we MUST! He won't get barred if it's good pml.. x

  • All dates are provisional....until full calender anounced...it may change!

  • I have digs all sorted with friends so if it changes, I'll deal with it then as will be there week before anyway. I'm not fussed, just wanted to book now as cheap as chips anyway.. :-) Going by Fran Sid Helstrips link, it is always that last Sat of June as they have a big street party celebration on the Friday night annually.. i'll take me chances, re book if necessary, it is always the same for any meet, always a chance, so take my chances on it remaining as is.. it's gonna be a good gig all the same. Just wanted to get tickets booked whilst cheap/available as 3 crossing that Sat before =, sold out already!!

  • Going from Dover Steve Kay cos it was only 20 odd miles actually in it between Hull or Dover from SW Wales! Don't want an overnight Ferry from Hull when can do a 2 hr sail from Dover.. So Dover it is..Hull P&O options not open yet for booking as Fran Sid Helstrip is going mental waiting lol..Because Daves tanks is smaller than mine and we are 300 odd miles from Dover, taking Car+Trailer as diesel car and saving around £140 on fuel alone just between Dover n home and back again ( after car fuel take offs) costs for running 600 miles between Dover n back no brainer.... plenty of riding to be done in the 8 days we are there..;p

  • Think you will find Nick Nickynacky Milne that the only dates to change are the ones that clash with F1.

  • Yeah, that makes sense Fran Sid Helstrip as I recall they moved it by a week I think last year or maybe yr before? due to F1 clash.. Asssen is pretty much a given on dates so fingers crossed, we are now looking at ferry times for April.. :-)