• I m sure this has been covered before so sorry if it has

    I'm sure this has been covered before, so sorry if it has.

    What's the best way to get a bit more power without a BBK (which will come after I pass my test, once I finally get round to it!)?

    I currently have a Tyga underslung exhaust, Takegawa panel filter + velocity stack. I was considering the Kitako clutch cover and Bazzaz fuel controller? And possibly a cam upgrade.

    Are any of these worth it? Or should I just save for my full test?

    Another thing I need to think about is upgrading the suspension and brakes; braided lines and a new rear shock have been on my wish list for a while too...

    • Most of those cover it really, but even then you won't come close to the 15hp limit, you might go from 9 up to 11 if you're lucky.

    • Ported and polished head with bigger valves and skimmed (or high comp piston) to raise compression, cam, larger injector (pcx-150) and a fuel controller

    • If you really like throwing money at it but staying under 125cc, I think Monkey Father on FB used to make a 153cc kit with a fully worked big valve head. He can also make stoked crank shafts. Just get him to make a de-stroked crank to bring the cc back down to 125cc. It'll have to rev more, but should still make about 15-17hp. Only cost you about £1000-1100 but that includes the intake and exhaust and fuel controller. Everything. Still cheaper than buying a fat old Yam R125 etc.

    • Best 125 setup I done and simple was

      Takegawa Sports Cam

      Takegawa FI Controller

      14t Front sprocket

      Lightened Flywheel

      Lightened Oil Spinner

      30% Clutch Springs

      EBC Street Racer Clutch Kit

      Exhaust System

      Air Box mod and Takegawa Filter

      But could also go BV head, HC Piston and CBR ECU to raise Rev limiter

    • The clutch cover and oil pump conversion is also a good start, really help them rev apparently.

    • Bst carbon wheels if ya have deep pockets and go on a diet or combine them with a bbk 143

    • Price on cam oil spinner fly wheel clutch springs and fuel controllee please ben

    • Cheers beautiful

    • Again... I have cam, ficon, 14t and am pretty pleased with it. 143 is on the list for 'eventually', however you can't change the cc legally here so maybe never.

    • Aaron Mortimer where are you that u can't change the cc?

    • Gibraltar

    • Thanks for all the input everyone!

    • Ive done this and helped free revs up nicely :)