I m tempted to take the muffler out of my exhausts Is it worth it on an 96 vlx...

I'm tempted to take the muffler out of my exhausts. Is it worth it on an 96 vlx 600

  • not unless you just like to make noise...no noticeable power gain at any RPM.....but if you want a better sound...punch the baffle cap out of just one muffler..take a muffler off, take a long rod that is big enough diameter that it will take up most of the space, insert from the back end of the muffler and get a big hammer and punch the end cap off...make sure you get it all out... will give you that low, potato, potato sound and it wont need any adjustments to the carb.

  • And expect a drop in fuel mileage.... because you will be constantly be trying to hear it.... lol...

  • Ah it was just an idea I had while drinking one night. I don't think I'll do it. I don't fancy being pulled by the police every time I spin into the city

  • I quit drinking....lol...and still have loud pipes! !!

  • I should ha ha

  • It only does the things mentioned if you don't rejet and put on a free flow intake. Read about it on Shadowriders.net. vlx section.

  • Just save up and buy new pipes with removable baffles. Sounds better, power gain and if you get pulled over you can put the baffles back in. Sure you'll have to rejet but this stuff is cheap for shadows. And easy to do yourself in an afternoon. If you do rejet nows the time to decide if you want an aftermarket air intake. Could be the difference between stage two or stage three jets depending on what you get. As far as the cops go they won't hear you until you pass them so get enough speed up then roll off the throttle as you roll by one.

  • I'm glad I live in Indiana. I've never heard of someone getting stopped due to loud pipes . 16 aero baffles removed for now but need to make custom exhaust for bagger project when I'm ready so not gonna buy new aftermarket pipes

  • In Ireland they will stop you for anything if they think they think they can fine you for it, it's a joke.

  • That's some bullshit .

  • But you can get Jameson straight from the factory so you got that going for ya !!!

  • Ha ha I'm a Guinness man myself

  • Here in Daytona cops won't bother you if you have loud pipes. Glad cuz when I bought my vlx600 the baffles were already out of the cobra pipes.....