I m thinking of dropping the rear of my 2003 vt750 1 5in Im running a 170 80...


I'm thinking of dropping the rear of my 2003 vt750 1.5in. Im running a 170/80 tire and was wondering if the folks that have lowered theirs had to change to a shorter tire. If not did anyone have a issue with the fender bracket rubbing the side wall?

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  • I have lowered my 03 750 with the 1.5" lowering plates and it only rubs now and then when my wife is on the back and we hit a big bump

  • Do you have the same size tire?

  • Mines a 160/80 so only just smaller

    Gotta say I wasn't overly happy with the lowering plates

    They move the shock point back 1.5" but the bike itself probly only lowers about an 1"

    I'm gonna take mine off and try solid struts so that it lowers it right down but if I don't like the struts because it's too rigid I will save up for new lowered springs...10.5" compared to the standard 12" shocks

  • Would you wanna sell your brackets? I have a cat eye taillight and license plate below that. So 1 inch might be about right

  • Just saw your in Australia. Probably not worth shipping.

  • i put the shocks back on mine because i couldnt turn without scratching the pipes and frame haha

  • mine is a 170/70/16

  • I got progressive shocks on mine, got them set on 3. I can stand up and my seat sits at my knee's and I am 6 foot. no rubbing , but i only ride single.

  • yeah you could probly buy them in America cheaper than I could ship them