I m trying to decide what gear reduction for my 2014 420 AUTOMATIC 35 OR 69 I...


I'm trying to decide what gear reduction for my 2014 420 AUTOMATIC. 35% OR 69% I'm on 28" Mega Mayhem's. I still want to trail ride at least 50% of the time so I was thinking 35% reduction. I would definitely love some input from you guys that have a gear reduction installed. Thanks

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  • Well number one.. you can't get a 35 or 69 for the automatic 420.

  • Only options for that bike is...

  • Stock gears out of a sra bike it's a secondary reduction of about 14%. Or 32% secondary reduction.. or a 41.5% primary.

  • OK these are the things I needed to know. In your opinion which would be better for my 50/50 trail and mud riding. Also who does these for the best price? Thanks Jessie Cartlidge

  • It all depends on what size and kind of tire you are running.

  • I'm running the 28x11x14 Mega Mayhem's all the way around and don't plan on changing anytime soon. I weigh around 200 lbs.

  • I have 28x10 moto boss and foot shift secondary gears. Still needs a little more. I'd say the 41.5 all the way

  • That's what I'd say to. Stock secondary gears and 41.5% primary.. but the flip side is.. if your gonna be in the back of the motor anyways... why not go ahead and do the big reduction while back there Lol

  • I'm running both and should have mine back together this weekend I'll let you know how she runs I'm putting 29.5 ol2s

  • Really a pipe and programer and it should turns those fine, I have a cherry bomb and run 93 octane in my auto and it turns my mayhems fine.