I m wanting a grom 2017 or the older model What s your suggestions I ve been...


I'm wanting a grom 2017 or the older model?? What's your suggestions? I've been riding for 3 years every day all weathers it's my form of transportation, I own a Suzuki bandit 650 atm

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  • Apart from looks they are exactly the same bike so its down to your personal preference and budget..

  • Oh and the new shape had a blue back-lit dash and a flip key lol

  • If your not bothered about what it looks like go for the mk1 but if you want to pull the honey's go for the mk2 otherwise wait until 2017 and get the mk3 with abs and alot more plastic!..

  • The seat on the new one is apparently not as comfy as the old one

  • New one looks crap

  • Are you trading down to a grom or getting one as a second bike? You need to be aware that theyre great fun bikes, but hitting a GPS verified 70 is unlikely and holding 60 takes a degree of commitment.