• I may sound stupid but is my water coolant bottle under my seat Never had to...

    I may sound stupid but is my water/coolant bottle under my seat? Never had to fill up lol

    • It's down to the left, it's visible behind the left hand cover.

    • Its a 2006 do i have 2 take anything off? As i c a bottle under the seat (which im geussin) which it is vut crnt c a cap 2 fill it

    • The expansion bottle is.the one you can see under seat to.top.coolant up you need to.take.tank off

    • Realy? Stupid place 4 it :/

    • If you think radiator is literally under tank so.to.grt to it you need to.take tank.off to top up.coolant

    • True cheers 4 the help :)

    • Done it :)

    • Was the metal cap.under tank

    • Not quite but did ave lift tank slightly 2 get panel off

    • I thought bottle under left panel was to top up coolant as per car types. There is an upper & lower mark on the expansion bottle.