I might not be able to afford the OTB Halos but these will do just perfect

I might not be able to afford the OTB Halos but these will do just perfect

  • Too big for busy parking bays round my way

  • They actually look pretty good tbh

  • Stock-ish but smaller. 21w, no Chinese LED Christmas tree lights, got bored of them.

  • Where do you get these?

  • Thanks

  • Nice bro

  • Look sweet

  • Like the lights but can't be bothered to put them back to amber for a MOT.

  • Would you have to?

    Maybe on the basis that the operation of one light affects another? But they do that white or Amber.

  • you use led switchbacks mate, they flash Amber for indicators and white for day running lights. Perfectly legal

  • Are these running lights to

  • It'll pass an mot no problem. As Asif said they flash amber & white is just a day running light. Jd

  • They are legal, only concern is a particullary picky MOT center might comment on how the DRL modify the headlight beam pattern. I'll get around to asking my friendly garage about it before I take mine for it's MOT.

  • Let us know how you get on. But I think you will fly through the MOT

  • Arwen Seven it's a good point. From what I've seen they're really bright, enough to dazzle for sure.

  • No. I wanted that function kept to start with, but having seen that video where the guy nearly got flattened by a land rover on a roundabout I decided to live (maybe longer) without it.

  • Haha

  • That's the thing, so long as the beam pattern is ok they cannot fail then as far as I can see. They measure the light output for Mots in watts still, which is pointless for LEDs. Classing something as dazzling is in the same position as loud exhausts just now. Unless of course you have a mini sun as a light source!