I might of posted this question before but are some of you planning on keeping...

I might of posted this question before but are some of you planning on keeping your Rebels for a long period of time or just using it as a stepping stone to learn on then move up to a much larger machine. My bike was a present purchased for me by my mother last year for my 58th birthday so it has sentimental value its fairly new so i am going to get some use out of it, i feel very comfortable on it for what iv been using it for which is local city and parkway cruising, its very easy to store and that is also very important to me.

  • I'm keeping mine. For forever.

  • I just took mine from Washington PA to Graceland and back no troubles keeping her forever

  • Originally mine was a cheap bike to ride and I'd sell it and get a bigger one down the line......now, I'll still get another one but think I'll keep this one for as long as it lives! Maybe a hand me down for my son? Either way, it's been a blast!

  • You're not too far from me! I'm near the pgh airport.....

  • Cool maybe we can ride sometime

  • i just sold my first rebel and regretted it straight away¬ the one im working on now is staying with me forever

  • Where is Graceland?

  • Ill always ride a rebel. She has proved herself to me. I hear this almost every day, " nice bike. When are you gonna get a harley? Mines in the shop at the moment" lol every day.

  • Tennessee

  • Impressive ride! I'm just over 100mi west of you and I used to live in Memphis. That's an impressive and encouraging ride!

  • Ty highway all the way

  • I used my rebel when we are just tooling around or going on short rides. I use my shadow for longer trips.

  • I've been riding more and more highway as well. It seems weird to wring that thing's neck, but I guess staying on top of maintenance helps.

  • The rebel is so damn reliable it's not funny

  • I bought my first two Rebels 13 years ago and still have them. I've picked up three others since then (and donated one to a friend in need (y) ).