I need advice I m selling my 2009 Areo I have about 1600 miles on it all...

I need advice. I'm selling my 2009 Areo. I have about 1600 miles on it, all rides were back road trips. Blue book is $4130, but they estimate the milage should be about 18000.

I'm in Houston area, do you think $6725 is a doable price.

I've already had 2 scam emails and one complainer. SMH.. appriciate any sales advice you can offer.

  • Well thank yall all for the advice, gives me some perspective.

  • The only catch is the packet's are only 3/4ths of the way filled.

  • 1100 or 750? The thing to remember Bonnie Buse is what the local blue book is suggesting is a starting point for bikes in your area. We all want as much as we can get, but the reality is it's only worth what someone will pay you for it and no more. If it's in great shape with those low miles, then $4500-5500 is about right. If you added some accessories (which you should never expect to recoup money from) if the buyer is willing you could get 20-50 more per accessory.

  • 750

  • Low miles or not, the bike is still an 09, but someone appreciative of it and it's condition won't mind paying....low ballers just want something for nothing. Good luck!

  • I paid $5200 two years ago for an excellent condition 09 with under 3K miles and all quality accessories already installed. It's been a great bike....

  • I hear ya. Mine is an 09 built in June of 10. Watched them pull her out of the box. Guess I'm just a little sentimental.

  • Not more than I am Bonnie Buse ;-) I still have my first bike ever, can't get rid of it. I hit a deer on it and it continues to perform well to this day with no trouble....28 years later.

  • I just paid 4995 for a 2012 that had less than a hundred miles on it

  • Never realized so many were in the Houston area! We should meet up and ride