I need help figuring out a shift problem on a rancher a/t


So I have a 2009 rancher 420 a/t. The automatic shift will downshift, but not up shift in auto mode on takeoff. The electric manual shift mode is very slow or sluggish to shift from 1st to 2nd then to 3rd. And very hard to get into 4th. It won't go into 5th at all on its own.

I've replaced the cdi, main body control, tps, shift motor, and battery.

Nothing has changed

Still no automatic mode going up through gears. Any one else had this problem or understand what may be happening

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  • Yes. I forgot to list that. I'm struggling to figure out what part I've missed

  • Is there a reset of ecm for these a/t ranchers

  • Same thing happened to me, it was a Lil gear inside the front case

  • Do you know what little gear. I'm all ears?

  • Where the es, goes into. Hard to explain over facebook

  • And what exactly did yours do?

  • Know the name of part

  • Shift down, wouldn't shift up.. n sometimes, wouldn't shift at all. You could hear the motor shift, but that Lil piece in the case wouldn't let it turn all the way over

  • Is it inside the case the gear shift motor goes into. Or inside the clutch case on front of motor

  • Where your shift motor goes there's a little cover bolted to the front of the motor it's a gear under that cover that shifts the bike up and down

  • Awesome. I'll swap it tomorrow and give a report

  • rear speed sensor