I NEED Help I have a 250 Rebel Ok My chain needed adjust Have done it...

I NEED ... Help ... I have a 250 Rebel .. Ok .. My chain needed adjust . Have done it before .. No problems .. Ok .. But this time .. Now I hear something rubbing .. I cleaned the chain today and regressed it .. But it's still there .. The rubbing noise . I can only think that maybe .. The rear drum is rubbing some how .. Or a bad sprocket maybe ??? Just so confused at this point .. Any help appreciated ..

  • Ok Pamela Coss, if it doesnt work let me know. We'll figure it out so you can be back riding worry free!

  • Just worried I might snap that chain but .. I don't feel a wobble at all ..

  • Be sure that you have 3/4" on play in the chain on the bottom of the loop and that each side of the axel is adjusted equally

  • Rust on the brakes/ drum?

  • also check to see if the chain guard is hitting the chain.

  • Yes .. I was thinking rust on drum .. Brake was ok last fall when in Honda shop .. I will check guard .. I think it's ok but may just be it too

  • Measure the stud sticking out the back. To make sure the wheel is square and not out of alignment. With the rebel's rear wheel slightly offset. It's hard to the string test.

  • Check the rear break adjustment. Many forget to back the rear break off a couple turns before adjusting the chain. Rest the break afterwards. If not it can lock the break up by moving the rear axle back towards the rear as you take up slack.

  • Yep .. David and I think that's what I did .. As soon as I am home .. Going to try again n measure .. Duh I was racking my brain how to check that .. Thank you