• I need help My bike needed simple tune up Spark plugs and oil change but it...

    I need help. My bike needed simple tune up. Spark plugs and oil change but it became a nightmare. My oil plug stripped and when drilling it out to add a new one the bit went in at an angle and destroyed the entire area surrounding. How much will this cost to fix. Any advice.

    • My advice is take it to a qualified Mechanic.

    • A good mechanic might be able to save it...possibly. Depending on the damage..drill out..helicoil...probably have to remove the engine and then remove the head...may be cheaper just to find a good used head and replace it...tough break.

    • Bring it to a professional .

    • Oversized plugs don't need drilling before install. They cut their own threads.

    • Get a boat plug

    • As of now the only problem left with this is the metal shards that may have fallen in. Any advice on that.

    • Vacuum cleaner and a few straws that'll fit in the hole.

    • Find some old oil, or whatever if you have new and can afford it, just pour it in, run it through filter it with something to take out the chunks, run it through again. Let it take more chunks out with it. Filter it again, through a sock or something, until you stop getting pieces.

    • Then run clean oil in it with a new filter for a half hour, change it again, new filter, and do it again after a few riding hours

    • If you can put air to the oil fill hole, with your drain plug out, it'll also help move whatever is in there towards the drain. Do a couple flushes, you'll be good to go

    • Flush it good with oil with the plug out. You can use the same oil over and over if you filter or screen it for shavings