i need some advice! my cx 650 is obly running on 1 cylinder? the other one comes and goes


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  • Carbs or spark plugs. Do you have an in- line fuel filter? If not then its probably blocked jets - especially jf your bike has sat over winter with gas in the carbs

  • Blocked jets? Im a newbie here.

  • The passage ways and metering orifices inside the carb. You probably need to download the free workshop manual for your model and year before you do anything else too

  • Make sure the seat edge has not pushed

  • The pulse generator connector apart it is a 4 wire small connectir with 2,yellow and 2 blue,wires make sure its firmly connected

  • Intermittent sounds more electrical than carburation.

  • if your coils are good and your plug caps dont have burnt resistors do a pulse gen test 530 ohms between yellows and blues none of teh 4 wires should have continuity to ground do the test both cold and hot

  • Thanks for all the great replys!

  • Had the same problem this weekend, had a crack in the rubber intake boot.