• I need some help from folks here please. I have two problems with my bike

    I need some help from folks here, please...I have two problems with my bike...I'll post them separately to keep the replies easy to follow.

    It's a '72 CT70 with a Lifan 125 engine (4 speed semi-auto). We got the wiring harness from CHP and it is now 12v.

    Problem is it doesn't adequately charge the battery 12v sealed lead acid). When running, the voltage measured across the battery is around 12.6 - 12.7vdc.

    It was suggested to clip the main power wire and splice it such that the stator powers the lights while it's running instead of the battery...if I understood what we tried correctly.

    In any case, now it's difficult to start and doesn't seem to run the way it did before this change.

    If you'd rather send me a PM, that's ok too...hoping someone else has run into this and knows how to fix it. I get tired of having to charge the battery every few nights.

    • Yeah........we got the complete 12v wiring harness from CHP. Doesn't work.

    • No part of the original harness was used.

    • Bummer that it didn't work. If you build another in the future, I highly recommend the harness sold on eBay by seller "webllc". I've used over 20 of these harnesses and never a problem.

    • And mine are wired so that the lights run off the battery (dc) and I still have 14+ volts at the battery when running.

    • Well.....might have to cut my losses and get one of those. Pretty angry at CHP in general right now...sorry I ever gave them any money to begin with. They were the single largest contributor to delay in getting my bike finished. I don't plan on ever ordering from them again. I know a lot of people on here seem to like them...I don't.

    • There are two sources of power...AC and DC...AC is straight electrical power from the stator...DC is power from that stator that has been converted to DC by the rectifier...the battery is DC which is recharged by the hot wire from the rectifier...I think people were suggesting to you to run your headlight and taillight with AC and your horn and brake light with DC...if you have turn signals run them on DC as well

    • Also...make sure your ground is good

    • Mike Warner is probably the most knowledgeable guy on electrics

    • Ahhh...I see, well the headlight has been converted to LED, so it'll still need DC. (It's inside an incandescent housing, so looks original)...

      Still trying to sort it out...the way we have it now, we think the CDI module may not be getting enough power.

    • I'm not familiar with the CHP harness, I've never used it. But, it can't be that much different than the one I use. Post some pics of what you're working with and let's see if we can figure it out.