I need some help just bought a 3d printer and I m looking for a right side...

I need some help, just bought a 3d printer and I'm looking for a right side cover for a 82/83 V45 Sabre, does not have to be in one piece need it for taking laser dimenisions to try to print a replacement panel. Already made print program for left side waiting for it to finish will post pics . Any one have some broken panels ?

  • Michael McDonald

  • Would you sell panels then?

  • Are they for you are to sell.

  • Me and my son are looking at other means of getting replacement side panels, his roommate gave us the use of this printer to test it out and to see if the parts made will hold up under regular daily use. This printer will print a 18×18×12 so it should work for most, only problem is the build time, we are expecting anywhere from 3 to 6 days of print time, another factor is the plastic filament we are using I am unable to find ABS filament on line in the diameter for this printer.

  • For me I need a right side cover for my sabre

  • Okay I don't believe it will hold if not Abs but could be proven wrong

  • Micheal McDonald is our expert on that here

  • The only problem I would see is the plastic being used by the 3D printer. Be sure to use plastic that is UV resistant, heat tolerant, and has some flexibility in it, usually around 5% to 7% give.

  • Do you make the one he needs it maybe cheaper from you.

  • I'm not making any saber covers right now. I don't have any good sides to use to make molds from. If I had a good master set, then I could make molds.