I need to know what the front tire you guys are using on your big Sabres Dunlop...

I need to know what the front tire you guys are using on your big Sabres Dunlop has discontinued the gt501 that I used on mine any help will be appreciated. Something that has good grip and gets decent decent mileage Thanks

  • Bt45 as well, but the rear bt45 hasnt lasted as long as i would like. However, it has never slipped or lost traction

  • Michelin Road 4... Oh wait, I changed the wheels too!

  • Bridgestone spitfire 11f. Awsome tire

  • . What kind of mileage do you get out of those Chad Zimmerman

  • I ride 140 miles a day very little wear. I ride the 15 from fallbrook to Rancho cucamonga. I've had them atleast 6 months

  • Michelin Pilot Road 2. I get one front out of 3 rears. (12-14,000 miles)

  • cool thanks guys

  • Yeah Chad will have to meet up someday

  • I had a rear Shinko tour master which wore fairly well. Now I have a set of Shinko 10 SR712 front and rear and I do not recommend them. The have worn fast, the front is out of round, and feel like there is poor traction. I had a Shinko Tour Master rear tire which was good. A Spitfire was on the front when I bought the bike. I liked it. Will go with those or try a Michelin for the next set.

  • I'm running a140/80 on the rear right now.my rear tire still had some life left so I'm gonna wait on the radial tires since I would have to change both.my front tire is like a slick right now.great info.thanks all