• I need your guys advice looking to do something new to it but don t know what...

    I need your guys advice, looking to do something new to it but don't know what yet, looking for better looks and performance, any ideas?

    • I think a dual headlight looks really cool

    • It's a Honda shadow!! What more do you need??

    • Looks: You could paint, bob, change wheels/tires, bars, pegs, exhaust.

      Performance: Open pipes, jets, intake and timing Besides that just personal taste, what do you want to see?

    • I prefer the bobbed look just for the fact they don't sell a lot of bolt on stuff like Harley the tank you got is the only tank you can get same with fenders unless it's a ace or aero plus I just like chopping things up.

    • It would look great if you cleaned up the yard behind it, Just kidding okay.

    • I bet a spiderweb on the flat black neck would look cool.

    • I dig that look man, but that seat owweee lol

    • Not bad been all over on it

    • I'll take your word for it but I'm not giving up my mustang seat lol

    • Lol it was parked at my in laws house he likes to collect things

    • Lmao those are expensive steel seat pan is 35 bucks

    • They are worth the money though mustang makes a good seat