• I put this on here for sale from friend of mine in UK. on vtr1000. org bsabloke

    I put this on here for sale from friend of mine in UK (on vtr1000.org-bsabloke)

    Living near Tamworth (Birmingham)

    spada 1 piece leathers, black & silver/grey. Uk 44, euro 54. Good condition.

    The winter hasn't been kind to me, they no longer fit & i don't think they have shrunk!

    If you are 5'10" & 12 to 12 1/2 stone these are for you.

    I may be able to get pictures on later.

    If you pm me your email i can foward it to hm.

    £90. Local delivery a possibility, if you need a postage quote let me know.


    • I'll eat more pies!

    • Are you that thin ?

    • 10 stone thin, big mouth

    • No really

      If I'd have that money spare I'd snap them up

    • I guess he is willing to negotiate a bit :-)

    • He he I might jump on vtr and ask

    • Ryan: if you're only 10 stone, how comes you can stay on a VTR, i would say you will be "blown off" the moment you open the throttle. Or are you only going up to 2000 revs?

    • Ha ha, got bricks holding me down!

    • Ryan....you're almost as skinny as me!

    • So buy it together, you will fit it together hahahaha