I ride an 05 750 Spirit and lately I ve been wanting to do some 10 12 apes

I ride an 05 750 Spirit and lately I've been wanting to do some 10-12" apes. I currently have the stock risers turn backwards and 4" tall Z-bars, so my question is is there another Shadow I can take the cables off of and have them be long enough for them or where can I get the extended cable kit? What's a rough estimate in parts? I'll probably switch out to some shorty risers as well.

  • i have mini kong 12" apes with 4 inch risers...so i ordered a 16" ape cable kit steel braded lines all that from meancycles.com.......took about 3 weeks for them to come in and they were about 5" too short at +8, so now they're sending me +12's....all cables for the steel braded ones were 300 bucks, just make sure you get the right measurements the first time and confirm so you don't have to wait like me, it sucksss

  • I have 8.5 inch z bars and 2 inch risers and my single throttle cable( you only need one) and break line were under 200