• i saw the answer to my question i am about to ask a few weeks ago on here but...

    i saw the answer to my question i am about to ask a few weeks ago on here but can't find it now. any one know the NAPA part number for the 350x head light bulbs thanks

    • hey John Rose is it the same part number at walmart? none of my local napas have ANY in stock

    • Idk if it is bud. I just took one in and matched it up in the automotive area. Now I go there for all my lights. Think it's 20bucks for a pair for normal or 40 for the blue Xeon ones

    • ouch if napa had them it would be 14$ my cost and ebay is around 16$ but i guess its nice being able to get them in person

    • While testing my light's wiring do you think it would be ok to use two p194 bulbs in their respective sockets with the honda leads connected to them instead of blowing out the halogens I have a million p194 automotive bulbs and socket pig tails usually found lighting up your car's lisence plate

    • Yeah it will be fine

    • Did they both blow at once?

    • Make sure you rev it up pretty good so it loads up the bulbs if your thinking the voltage regulator is junk

    • Well here's the story. When I bought the trike the previous owner hacked all the wiring from the head light switch. Half the wiring was replaced with car audio speaker wire. Along with that the wires on the bulb sockets were replaced. The trike also had no voltage regulator. I bought a used switch complete with wiring harness. Included in that sale I also go the entire wiring harness from under the front left side of the gas tank all the way back to tail light along with a voltage regulator. I replaced everything with the new to me parts I got. I also changed all the wires on and in the sockets to the correct colors. I bought a new tail light to which came with an extra lead for I assume a brake light. I installed everything and started the trike. All the lights worked but one head light was dimmer than the other. I started by cleaning ground and swapping one bulb with the other with no change. I ended up dropping one of the bulbs and it broke so I said screw it I will just put it all back together and just use one bulb. A few seconds after starting the trike the front light blew out along with the tail light bulb. I havent ohmed the voltage regulator yet but I did see that one of the wires going to the rubber insulated please end was chuffed and breaking instead of testing with the 20$ bulbs I want to test with bulbs the free to me and a dime a dozen

    • It's been my experience that 9/10 times if im popping lights its the regulator. The dimness could be from a ground or the socket itself could have some crud in it. Your deff on the right track though already

    • I really hope the regulator isnt bad. It was told to me that it was in good working order and had been tested. Im going to start with ohming it and see what I get for readings, if that all checks out fix the suspect wire and see what happens