I see Maidstone Honda are selling a brand new one with a yoshimura carb...


I see Maidstone Honda are selling a brand new one with a yoshimura carb conversion is there any real advantages over fuel injection?

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  • £4300

  • Buster Bradbury

  • Just read article on carb , yep I can see the advantages, so there is two sides good and bad

    Going to look further in to this but yep, does any know the cost of this conversion

  • That's the 24 trying to find the 28

  • I have the Yoshi conversion kit in stock £250 ✌

  • What about stock fi plus a power commander and r77s exhaust...would be alot cheaper and less hassle then fitting a carb. Would you see the same sort of gains?

  • Unfortunately the carb conversion one isn't yet for sale

  • have you experimented with carbs Ben?

  • Not yet ... tempted tho !!

  • Ben Harman using a pcv on my sons bike but think I'll do a carb conversion on mine.

  • Didn't realise you had them in I'm really tempted

  • Don't know the guys actual name but on the forums his name is GSX. His Grom is a carbed 181cc with a 5 speed and will do 105mph and runs 14.8 seconds in the quarter mile. If I remember right he's running an api standalone ecu to control timing. That allows him to rev beyond the 12,500rpm that the finbro ecu allows .

  • JC Betancourt ??

  • Yep, recognize him from his pictures.

  • eh just get a fuel mapper injection is so much better then carbs for so many more reasons then the few advantages of a carb. i dont miss rejetting and cleaning out carbs one bit..

  • Carbs can be the biggest pain in the arse when everything isn't perfect