• I sold the bike but kept the fairing It is for sale It is a 1973 Wixom...

    I sold the bike, but kept the fairing. It is for sale. It is a 1973 Wixom Brothers fiberglass fairing. Vintage style, without th "Batwing" price. Fits right around the Shadow headlight, and I made brackets so that the factory Shadow turn signals mount in the fairing. 150.00 u pay freight. Located in Central Arkansas 501.339.5076

    • ok.......so.......does a hundred and you pay freight sound ANY better?!?!?!....lol

    • Sure does, only thing missing is money.

    • Lance will it fit a 01 1100c3?

    • Somebody buy this thing already....it looks kick ass on the SHadow!

    • Where you at kn Arkansas?

    • Conway area. Central.