• I stripped down my 85 rebel to repaint the frame and I got it all back together...

    I stripped down my 85 rebel to repaint the frame and I got it all back together for the most part except I have no idea what this goes to .

    • Thought it was the flux capacitor...

      Sorry couldn't help myself!

    • That's a badass rat rod. Did you build it yourself?

    • Back brake switch.

    • Thanks Jay! It's been in the family since the early 80s. It was built in the late 70s. All I did was paint it flat black and drop in the newer 400 SBC and get the exhaust made.

    • Connects to the muffler bearing

    • It's awesome. I always wanted one but they're hard to find and pricey when you do find one. I have a 83 box chevy with a 501 I've been building for the past year. It's almost complete just getting the carbs rebuilt and it should be ready to fire up

    • Sweet man! Looks mean!

    • Holy moly! Nice tunnel ram!

    • Duh foot brake....come-on really.

    • I build hot rods not bikes. It my first bike and I stripped it down to the frame to repaint everything

    • God damn mud dobbers made nests in my carbs when I had the clip off. Now I'm waiting on my mechanic buddy to rebuild um for me and then it's ready to start.

    • Take some pictures of unsure areas before you strip it next time.. Helps me sometimes.

    • Brake. Light switch

    • Charles bullington------No question on this site is a dumb question. If you can't answer constructively don't answer at all.

    • Really

    • Charles Bullington-------Read the repley that Hank Ray sent, "Above". That's all that needed to be said. Thank You.

    • I do take pictures and usually remember how everything goes if I take something apart. The problem was my drunk ass friend hopped in the mix and started pulling shit apart like crazy.

    • I've got an 85 too. I'd keep those kinda friends away from my bike.