I swear my friends that ride Harleys are ridiculous can t just admit that...

I swear my friends that ride Harleys are ridiculous can't just admit that Hondas are good bikes instead all they want to do is talk smack I told them what they all need to learn if it's not about the bike it's about the ride apparently they got some growing up to do smh...

  • Just tell them you didn't need to buy a expensive bike to compensate for a little Dick. I do, and they walk away every time.

  • I just can't bring myself to pay that much money for a name when our Hondas will usually Outlast majority of the Harleys just don't understand why it always has to be a competition with them they all thought my bike was a Harley then when I told them it was a Honda they all wanted to give me s***

  • Most are like that, but when that hog breaks down, I'll ease on by

  • Exactly lol so long

  • All my harley friends are glad ive got AAA motorcycle. Never used it for my honda or kawasaki,but called for friends HD's to go in on the truck plenty.

  • Just jealous because we can hang with them at half the cost

  • Same reason why by shelling out 1,000's to buy her a clear rock we are told we supposedly show her our never-ending, unbreakable love: Marketing.

  • I really think that some folks feel that if they spent a lot of money on a bike then you should too I like the way the Harley Street Glide looks but I'm not dropping 24 k for a bike when I can drop 4000 on an ice VTX

  • Right lmao

  • Exactly I only paid 1600 for my 03 Shadow 750 spirit runs like a champ no issues at all

  • Average 883 roughly 40 hp 80's shadow 700 60 hp that's all you need to say

  • I have aim have a Harley Davidson friend.....he doesn't give a rip if you are on a Honda , Vespa, Suzuki etc.....just wants to ride

  • I have a Harley a Yamaha and a Honda in the garage and the metrics are the reliable ones

  • See thats my kind of people

  • I've got something that's probably 20yrs older with 35000 miles that would drag their ass to the track and then down it without leaking a drop of oil and without the price tag or the mechanic bill...it reminds them what a good buy looks like , how a bruised ego feels..best believe IM talkin shit when they're handing me $100 and I ride off with it on my honda

  • I have both makes ..

    I don't give a dam what badge is on the tank ..If the owner likes his ride who gives a f**k ....Don't let it bother you

  • I try not to it just bothered me a little bit I have worked really hard to be able to afford my bike finally and all they can do is talk s*** because it's not a Harley but like everybody else says everybody has their own preference and I prefer Honda not saying Harleys are bad bikes just my preference

  • We ride all kinds here Honda's,Harley's and Yamaha it's all the same wind and if one breaks down we all stop to help brotherhood and sisterhood that's what's it's all about

  • You need new friends then lol... None of my Harley friends give me shit... They don't actually care?

  • I have owned a Harley Dyna Glide Sport, a '81 Honda CB750K, a '69 Triumph Bonneville, a '79 Suzuki GS1000E, a Suzuki VX800, and a Honda Shadow 750 Spirit. They've all been great bikes for what they are (and in some cases, when they were made).

    Right now I have the Shadow 750 Spirit, the '69 Bonneville (in pieces--getting restified), and a '75 Yamaha XS650 (also in pieces, becoming a café racer).

    Love 'em all!

  • I love Hondas quality inside and out. Everyone I ride with rides Harley's but I never hear negative comments. Maybe behind my back I'm not sure! I really don't care. My wife asks me "why don't you get a Harley"! My reply is "I bought a bike not a lifestyle".

  • All the guys I ride with around here are Harley guys, but are good with any bike. Did a great ride with cruisers and sport bikes last weekend. It was awesome.

  • Honda-harley owners need dependable alternatives

  • My 2004 honda shadow spirit was manufactured in the midwest ohio i think my neighbors 2005 harley street glide made in japan

  • I saw a Harley shop while in Japan and they told me they where very popular but expensive. I saw more small cc scooter we would call them than anything else.

  • I may not own a Harley... But I get a lot of compliments on her. I ride her daily and with 64,200 miles she has not let me down. I dont need a $15,000 bike to enjoy a ride. My $700 vlx600 ( that's what I paid minus cost of saddle bags and general maintenance) makes me happy.

  • Harley are better than they were when i was younger..most Harley riders turn into wannabe Hollywood bikers..the really short ones kill me....but I see a lot of Harley riders that can't ride..do stupid things or drive like old ladys.. there's levels of abilities..just cause you can drive it doesn't mean your a good driver. Some shouldn't be riding..

    This is my 50th year riding. Aero 750..its enough for my needs but its not completely stock

  • Next time a Harley guy says something bad about a honda drop some knowledge that during the 70's Honda almost put Harley out of business.

  • I posted this for my Harley friends. "Don't need no Harley" i can get 4 on the seat and one on the carrier.. ahhhhh life in Asia.. i own the scooter. Yammy 125 racing pulley. Whats really amazing is I can actually do it there. Pic is real.

  • Thats awesome lol

  • Life in North America sucks..haha i dont have a passenger seat on my Honda here.

  • Do you have a spare

  • As many as you want....

  • Any volunteers

  • And is it that hard to take your hand off the hangers and wave back on a HD

  • No pad, no pegs, no drama.

  • Nice bike..btw i never said i didnt like Harleys. Low center of gravity..my knees are shot..i cant lift a Yam 1600 off sidestand, i can lift a Harley, maybe easier than my Honda..also no p*$$* . I gotta move permanently

  • Had a New Harley...Was not impressed..Now Honda..impressed and safe again..

  • The only difference between a harley rider & a honda rider is a big unearned income credit tax return lol. Im obviously just kidding but there are a dozen guys wobbling around my town on $10,000 Harleys right now that have never had any bike at all before. I love watching a tax return change a guy from Hollister & a ball cap to leather jacket, chaps & bandana overnight. Those are the jap bike haters!!! They have owned 1 bike, wont have it a full year, but they know you better own harley or ride nothing

  • Holy cow Ted can I go riding with you? That girl in the red dress had me stuttering a bit.

  • That Philippines 2 weeks ago. Girl in pink is prettier and sweeter. I've stayed in many countries like this..same in China only scooter is electric and most women cant speak english.

  • Take me with buddy im beggin ya lol

  • When the women are used to riding this, a scooter looks great.2 more friends

  • Shadow pride

  • 600?

  • Yes indeed

  • I like it this is my 750

  • Impressive

  • Derek, I find that it is all who you ride with, our group is mixed and the back and forth jokes are common. The respect and appreciation for one another and the choice of what we ride is mutual. Your friend will come around with time, or you might need to get new friends. I always smile when I remind myself that my three Aero 1100's together cost me less than $7K. ;-)

  • I pick this one up for 1600 03 Shadow 750 spirit I tried to tell them it's not about what you're riding it's about the ride

  • I love being asked how much I paid for the "options" on my '00 ACE 750....jaw drops when I say they were standard on the bike, and still a grand cheaper than a base Sportster....lol

  • Great deal, and looks nice, enjoy the ride. I tell my buddies with Harleys that I will ride in the back of the pack, just in case they have to pull over they'll have someone to rescue them.

  • I have some Harley friends just like that Derek.

  • Maybe someday they will all realize it's about the ride not what your riding