I think another Wales trip will be inspired from tomorrow s ride


I think another Wales trip will be inspired from tomorrow's ride

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  • Give me a shout if you do and I'll say hello.

  • Where's this mate? I agree with Rob Hearne I'll say hello too

  • Exact location

  • John Kinchella give me a shout if you around again, that's like 15-20 mins away from me

  • Lloyd Crees aha really? You lucky bastard with those roads!!

  • John Kinchella wales is quite literally.. bikers heaven !

  • Lloyd Crees A469 or A69 is the best road!!!

  • John Kinchella further west you need to go...Pembrokeshire, Haverfordwest. And even up to mid/north wales like Machynlleth to snowdonia Outstanding !

  • As Lloyd says, Wales has some awesome roads.

    Did you mean the A4069? That's the Brynamman Mountain Road where Top Gear are all the time. The A469 is a pretty boring A road from Cardiff, deep in to the Valleys. Although, there is a great section a couple of miles long just south of Carphilly that's like the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca.

    Coincidentilly the A4069 is just around the corner from my parent's place. Every time I go and visit them I have a quick blat along there.

    Next time you're over this way I'll show you my South Wales loop. Cardiff up to Brecon and then up to Builth Wells, then across to Llandovery for some lunch at the bike cafe, then down to Neath via the A4069, up the Afan Valley and down the Ogmore Valley to Ogmore-By-Sea, then back along the coast down all the lanes to Cardiff. it's a long day but worth it.

  • Rob Hearne awesome let me know how many miles that is so I can work out times ect... And wether I need to ride even further

  • If you want to stay the night you're welcome.

  • I won't to do Wales on my grom