• I think I know what is going on but some conformation would help My blinkers...

    I think I know what is going on, but some conformation would help. My blinkers are not working. All the lights come on, just no blinking. I think it is the relay that is on the back wire harness. Has anyone had experience with this?

    • I think the ground is ok,but I'll double check. By flasher, you are referring to this right?

    • Yes Joe Hughes, thats the part.

    • Cool. Thanks guys! For $12 it's worth a try.

    • Joe Hughes, what year is your bike?

    • 1986.

    • I can email you a complete wiring schematic if you need it. It covers all the electrical on the bike.

    • There is one in the pinned post also.

    • I have one. But thanks. I did change out all the blinker, but not to LED. They worked great for a while, then one day they stopped.

    • Clean the bulb sockets also. The flasher works off of amp draw to make it work. Not enough draw and it will not flash.

    • I will check that too, but they are brand new as of May this year.