I think my bike sounds little funny. What do you think. Working video


I think my bike sounds little funny... What do you think??? Working video...

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  • Defiantly chain rattle there replace the tensioner and see how you go fairly easy job to do

  • Cam chain is new and it has a manual tensioner that has been just adjusted....

  • No, it's not the CCT. It sounds like normal piston slap Mika :-)

  • FYI, I have changed the CCT on my 954 with a manual one. It is a bit of a job on these bikes but very doable with time and patients.

    Go at it from the top.

    1) tilt up tank

    2) remove air box (completely)

    3) remove throttle bodies and hold up and out of the way with cords (no need to remove linkage)

    4) remove right hand side fairing (including fairing mount)).

    At this point you have as much access as you will get.

    6) remove center cover on clutch and line up the lines.

    7) now you can remove the cct and clean off the old gasket.

    8)you will need a to modify a Allen key wrench to apply/tighten the new cct (I bought one at a pawn shop cheap) as the frame is to close to the nut.

    9) hand adjust the adjustment bolt.

    10) check tension by turning over the motor at the clutch.

    11) put bike back together

    12) recheck the tension on the cct and tighten down the locking nuts (again I got two wrenches from a pawn shop and bent to fit around the frame).

    I hope this helps. Any questions just ask and tag me.

    PS I have used this video on a CBR f3 related to the actual adjustment.


  • It's not an issue on the 954 but definately on some of the 600's. I don't see, why you compare these bikes? :-)

  • Pistons are new.....

  • And don't understand why write instructions here when i say my bike has already manual chain tensioner and a new cam chain... And tb:s don't need to removed for tensioner change...

  • Well your response (stating new cct) and mine are about the same time. Sorry if it caused issue, my bad.

  • The good with FB is, that we all have the right and possibility of answering in an individual way. So IMHO it's no one's bad :-)

  • Ahmed Dahab nafs el sot el 3andy

  • Maybe it can be heard better in this video...?

  • اها

  • Anybody figured out yet why the bike sounds funny? Or does it?

  • No nOOo, no, no, no, NO!

    Ride the bike and enjoy the fact, that some of the 954's are rattling ;-)

    My bike is also rattling:


  • There isn't anything wrong on the bike at the moment the video was shoot over 2 years ago.... Tb:s and starter valves are little out of sync. That is why the throttle is little snappy... The riding weather here in Finland isn't the best.... I doubt yours is better

  • But there are lots of things that differ from stock 954 engine sound that anybody didn't notice.....

  • It's that big loud can you have attached to it ;)

  • That it is