• I think the Real Bikers NOD are starting to like us haven t seen any homophobic...

    I think the "Real Bikers NOD" are starting to like us, haven't seen any homophobic comments today

    • Make friends and ask them to un block me

    • Hahaha they actually blocked you

    • Yeah over a year ago

    • Basically posted a picture of the grom and all those snobby riders on big bikes told me to get a real bike and grow up so I through if they call me a child I'll mess around with them then they started saying all this crap I don't get birds because of the bike so I said I'll have nun of this and posted a picture of a nun squirting on a grom

    • But that was unacceptable because one of the admins daughter takes his phone goes on Facebook to look at real bikers nod....

    • I spoke too soon, I take it back

    • Im setting up a new Facebook