I thought I could take my bent rear disc rotor off as easily as the rear...

I thought I could take my bent rear disc rotor off as easily as the rear sprocket... I am wrong. How do I get that axel anti fade nut off?! Damn it!!

I see why deadlines are nightmares in restorations...

  • But I still need to break loose one at a time correct? Just like any other set of nuts that are locked together?

  • Everything is off now... Except the disc (unbolted) and I cleaned everything with purple power (highly recommended). So it's on correctly?

  • Get some ridiculous strength loc tite for when you put it back on....just go step by step in the manual it's easy

  • Okay I will on the final assemble of it. Just blue loctite. I'm trying to get that disc off because one of the "2 bridges" to mount the skid plate is bent inwards and I didn't know that until I dropped my swingarm and cleaned it. So I want it all off and clean so I can bend it back and mount my skid plate.

    Then decided to spray paint and re clear the swing or not and polish up the axel for sure.

  • I didn't think about all the cleaning and polishing I had to do to the rest of the existing parts I'm still using.... Ugh!

  • Gonna have a ghetto fabulous tank for a while too... Pissy about that

  • I know but it's killing me because I'm going to ride it too. It's not going to be my shelf Queen and obviously not oem. Just want it good looking and unique. Btw you never commented on the powder buddy

  • Air chisel ...

  • I got it all off you guys! Took my dad, me, two large pipe wrenches, PB blaster, 4lb sledge hammer, and a large punch and some snap pliers. Thanks for the help!