I thought this topic came up before but I can t remember find the post


I thought this topic came up before, but I can't remember/find the post. My shift lever is sticking when I down shift so I have to manually kick it up a little to go down again. This is super inconvenient for slowing down from a higher gear

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  • We 40 on pivot area bolt

  • all right, thanks Jim! will chain lubricant work as well?

  • Maybe , if it light enough to run !!

  • I would take apart and clean the pivot bolt, and the hole in the shifter, with wd-40 and a rag and then use grease to lubricate it. WD-40 is not a very good lubricant. But is an excellent cleaner and rust preventer.

  • Wd40 yes just a quick fix !!

  • WD40 has alot of fish oil, Is not a lubricant like Paul D. (above) said. But as Jim W. said "a quick fix". It will slick things up temporary, but it does not last long. Dries quickly, in a few days.