I took delivery of my bike on Saturday and I m not gonna lie After not owning...


I took delivery of my bike on Saturday and I'm not gonna lie. After not owning a bike in about thirty years, I'm a little bit timid on the road. Just tooling around the neighborhood for now but it sure feels good!

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  • Did you do a safety course? I hadn't been on a bike in a few years as well, best $175 I've ever spent. Then I ride with my husband who is a "mentor" rider and learn something new every time.

  • Yes, took the course at the community college here. Two days, 16 hours. Well worth the $135 I paid. Passing the tests gets you your state license endorsement so that was a nice bonus.

  • Yep and Yep............I proceeded to go riding and some ridiculous biotch stopped in the middle of the road (it was a wildlife preserve) and on a corner. I locked up the back brakes and almost ate her ass end. The "quick stop" likely saved all that. Wish I had had a third hand to flip her off when I went around her. Took it as a reminder not to be close to people..............still, people can't drive for shit anymore.

  • Yes I took a course with with two wheel Adventures in Atlanta , I did not even unload my bike tell after I finished the class and got my DL .

  • I have same bike, hadn't ridden in 30 years, just recently started. Perfect bike to start with.

  • Agree. I'd been thinking of a Rebel but would have outgrown that pretty fast.

  • John Clary I had same thoughts, found a 250 Rebel, but many people said I would outgrow way too soon, I have been riding my Shadow 750 for 3 weeks now and definitly think it was the right way to go.


  • I was 48 in the fall when i bought my first street bike and hope to get started shortly

  • I was off a bike for about 20 years when I bought my Spirit. You'll be comfortable in no time, its a great handling bike.

  • I did the same last July

  • 44 when I started 6 months ago. It can be intimidating at first and I found chewing gum really helped those first 10 rides or so ;)

  • Congrats- Be Safe, have Fun & enjoy the ☀️

  • Never let someone pushing you..Like tailgaters and other assholes...

  • Nice bike. After ten year hiatus and permission from teens, on again. I gotta say riding in rain curving slowly over slick manhole covers, pedestrian crossings, etc. ramped up n returned confidence quickly under control.