I ve a dead cell in my battery and so need a replacement The tell tale signs...


I've a dead cell in my battery and so need a replacement. The tell tale signs are a less than healthy start, heated grips not getting as hot as they should and the Idling Stop system refusing to work.

Thankfully the engine is so sweet, that it requires almost no current to spring to life, in fact, I reckon it would start with a PP9 and two AA's if shove come to push - Now there's an idea...

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  • Do you know the battery specifications exactly? I'm thinking of replacing mine or getting a stronger one

  • It's in the manual I recall. My mechanic chappie said they are jell filled ones and so aren't too cheap. Believe they weigh in around the £60+VAT mark.

  • Found it. YTZ8V, according to the manual. A quick shop see's prices start around £30 mark for the cheaper variety up to £110 for the [factory fit] Yuasa one from their web site.

  • Oh wow! Thanks, David

  • Not still under warranty?

  • Not sure, it's a June '15 model so 19 months old. I'll mention it at the next service though

  • If the stop/start stoped it could be a problem mine stoped for no reason last year . Dealer replaced under warranty

  • Sure, but it's also a voltage thing too that can stop it from working. As I've a definite dud battery that needs to be replaced, I can see if I've still got that problem afterward.

  • My Pcx stop/start has just stopped working now

  • My forza stop/start has stopped working over last couple of days. I have been using heated gloves and vest at the same time so going to try it later without using heated equipment.

  • I have the heated Honda grips and I use a heated body warmer and never had no problems , and is still working great a year and a half later .

  • Yeah, I believe mine is an exception and I've just been unlucky. Previous bikes not a problem with similar set ups.

  • New battery on this evening. Idle stop now working normally.