I ve bagged myself some nice high level link pipes so when they re all ready to...

I've bagged myself some nice high level link pipes so when they're all ready to rock n roll, will post up pics :p

  • Aye Rob de Hoo they are hard to come by n Neil Ledgerwood always seems to pip me to the post when it comes to baggign a bargain even when the little bugger isn't even in the UK!! lol.. (loves ya really little fella) :p

  • Are you going to shorten the cans aswell ?

  • Was gonna say I'm good for now Tracy but you know what it's like when a bargain comes along lol :-P

  • Shorten my cans??? are you mad???? lol.. You aint seen/heard them...hell nooooooo

  • Tell him Neil Ledgerwood!!!! lol..

  • Really nice cans, got very very nice thunderous roar to them (y)

  • These are mine, but the original ones before they 'tweaked them for being too loud' lol... http://www.blueflameperformanc e.com/honda-vtr1000-fire-storm -lo-level-pair-evo-plain-titan ium-oval-twin-outlet

  • Haha, no such thing as too loud, the Yoshi's on mine were nice, I used to start the bike, and they would clear all the leaves of my patio, and start every dog in the street barking, epic :-)x

  • Sounds a bit like mine then ... and sounds about right... apparently, they after the model that is on my bike, were made, they did some mod to them to 'quieten them down' lol..

  • Nice, the soundtrack is awesome though, at any volume. :-)