I ve been having my 99 Honda Aero 1100 little over a year now and never had a...


I've been having my 99 Honda Aero 1100 little over a year now and never had a problem with it up until the other day. It started up fine and I got a mile up my road and it started sputtering and now it won't start but its acting like it wants to.. I've changed out the fuel filter and the fuel but it's still doing the same. Any ideas on what this problem might be???

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  • I had to replace the pump on mine.. ..thats would be my guess.

  • Plugs. Mine does it every once in awhile. Especially if I have older fuel.

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  • Try the plugs first. Cheaper than pump. Then drain the carbs too see if fuel has reached them. If you have fuel, pull carbs and clean, do a fuel flow test (will need manual) and check for water in fuel. The ethanol in the fuel draws water from the air when it sits. Hate it. I stay in business by repairing ethanol created problems.

  • Ethanol doesn't go in my tank so I don't think it can be that

  • Same procedures for trouble shooting as above. Less chance of water.

  • Yeah, all good advice. ^^ One way to check if it's a fuel issue is to remove your tank spay carb cleaner in carbs and if it runs its a fuel related issue. But start at plugs.

  • Pump, that's what was wrong with mine, however I pulled it and hooked it up directly to 12v battery I got it going again. It was just stuck.

  • If your petcock has a vacuum valve that keeps it open when then engine is running I would check that you have vacuum there.