I ve been riding my 250 Rebel going on 6 years I also ride with lots of other...

I've been riding my 250 Rebel going on 6 years. I also ride with lots of other bikes. It always amuses me that once the ice breaks about the size of my bike, the stories start flowing. Mostly about gals who upgraded above their strength and ability, lots of dropping, along with the frustration that goes along with it, often ending their passion for riding. One guy actually admitted, in almost a whisper, while towering over me and my Rebel, "Ya know, the bigger the bike the harder they are to ride." Another commented to me after a road full of twisties how much fun that must have been on MY bike. :-) Sometimes I feel like I'm hearing confession, LOL.

The day is fast approaching for me to upgrade and my next step up will be a 450 (despite the resistance I get from those on 1800s) - It'll still be small and I'll still be towered over by the big bikers on bigger bikes and the stories will still keep flowing. Like this one — As I was packing my bags at a bike show this summer a burly, bearded, old school biker came thundering up to me, reached out a hand adoringly to my handlebars "OMG, I love these bikes! Sweet ride there!" . . . I couldn't agree more. <3

  • Love it. I think I was trying to keep up with a big tire this weekend at 70+. If I knew where we were going I'd have def pulled back.

  • Those big tires and thundering exhausts can be intimidating. Fortunately, the one in front of me moved up in line.

  • I like the thundering exhausts. Just don't want to be following them and not know the way home ;-)

  • I didn't know any of the route. I didn't know how we were reaching our destination and we were on our own to return. I even hit two stop lights. The first time I didn't think I'd be able to catch the group. The second time was inside a small city and it was easier. (We didn't have enough guides and sweeps because no one expected so many bikes to show up.)

  • I love riding my rebel

  • I updated to a lovely 450 (Rosie) in nearly mint condition. It only needed carb work because it had been sitting so long. I am definitely more confident at higher speeds with this bike. I am keeping Pearl, my 250, until I can pass that dad gum driving test.

  • Pretty Rebel <3

  • Very nimble

  • Got a 450 for sale right now as a matter of fact! You know... In case you were interested. :D

  • I love your story telling, I have a rebel and frankly me dear most bikers envy me for riding longer without stoping go gas and less heat on me here is south Texas 100 degree weather I love my rebel and I will never let her go ever

  • That's cherry

  • Thanks! I put a lot of work into it. 16k miles, every cable is new including ss front brake and speedo, new brakes all around, new fork seals, synthetic oil change, custom seatcovers by Sargent, new battery, new tires, new rear sprocket...

    I would literally ride it anywhere.

  • That's sweet what kinda oil you running

  • Heh... Its actually got mobil 1 in it... Its all i had in the cabinet and i didn't feel like running up to the store lol

  • Its got better oil in it than my 05 repsol cbr1000 does lol

  • What weight I was told no lower than 10/40 and only half synthetic because of wet clutch just curious,

  • Just changed mine 20w50 stp high performance, I prefer Castrol tho ,ugh they were out

  • Its 10/40 but full synthetic. I ride the crap out of it and have had zero clutch slippage, even with hard shifting.

  • Nice good to know,I love the clutch response w thev20/50

  • Oh, I'm interested Zack Johnson. Too bad you are in Fla and I'm in SC :-( How much?

  • <3 thanks Jerry. I have too many Rebel patches to ride anything else. Just want my 450!!!

  • Asking 1800. :)

  • Excellent bikes

  • Patches? Please explain. I'm new and clueless, which is probably why I ride as I do... naw just kidding, I ride like that because it's fun.

  • Vest patches :-)

  • How do you earn them?

  • My guess is one stitch at a time

  • Craig M. Hicks I buy them.

  • Aha!

  • Just got another one I need sewn on.