• I ve been riding Pauline s Storm for the last few days and I ve noticed a...

    I've been riding Pauline's 'Storm for the last few days - and I've noticed a misfire/splutter around 3,500-4,000 RPM, usually after using more throttle/revs, backing off, then rolling on the throttle. It clears its throat with more Revs and throttle - and is fine at high revs or large throttle openings.

    The bike had manual CCTs about a 1000 miles ago - and had to have the head off as the mechanic had the chain jump some teeth and bend valves (he is a qualified mechanic honest!)

    It's had new plugs (iridium), at that 1,000 mile point, a very recent new battery and reg/rec. the bike has a K&N - but when I looked at the old plugs they weren't obviously weak.

    Soooo - any thoughts? Anything obvious/known failure points that I need to check? (Do coils fail, any diaphragms fail?)

    I can ride through it, but its Pauline's bike - and I need it to run right and be smooth for her to gain experience safely....

    Cheers guys!

    • Maybe it doesn't like them. Hmm, I can get a set of conventional plugs and try.....

    • What exhausts do you have ? No leaking ? Do you use the requiered type of plugs ?

    • Rob - it has Blueflames. It was fine for the last 2 years, it's only a recent thing.

    • Neil Ledgerwood has no put me into shock mode lol re the cans abroad!!! Don't say we have to change them Rob de Hoo for next years Twin Thunder Trip!!!!! nooooooooo..... :-(( lol..

    • Think they ar same Blue flame as mine? Evo Titanium twin port Clive Andrews-Lewis? Mine are fine..

    • Clive Andrews-Lewis have you had the carbs balanced or checked ? Found mine starts to run a bit rough if the iridium plugs are not checked and set bang on 0.8.

    • Clive: check choke cables as well especially when carbs have been removed it's possible one of them is lined up wrong and open's the choke a bit.This can cause misfire as well.

    • Cheers rob, will do. Putting OEM plugs in at weekend too.

    • Really curious what causes the problem, allways interesting to learn about things, hope you will be on the road again quickly.