I ve been starting my bike every couple days because of below zero temps today...


I've been starting my bike every couple days because of below zero temps, today I started it after about 5 minutes of warming up I started hearing a fluttering sound from the carb area, any ideas what that might be. Fyi windchill is -5 or lower right now?

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  • I would message Dave D. I installed my kot myself. A little "fiddley" as the British say, but pretty straight forward. If you plan on keeping the bike and riding a lot of miles, its good insurance. Imho.

  • By kot, i mean kit :)

  • Dave Dodge has a direct bolt on oil mod kit for the V65 for about $270. It goes between the engine block and the oil filter.

    Dave also recommended to me the Valvoline Max-Life blend 10W-40, and said to specifically make sure that it says "blend" on the label. I believe he said it would include mineral oil in the blend.

  • you could just crank the idle screw up on the bottom of the carbs to run the rpm's to about 1500 1800 and let it run if you feel you must.. there really is no need to start it up every other day other than if you really like to hear it. once a month or every other is just fine to get the fuel flowing through the carbs gas doesn't gum up in a month..

  • When it comes to motorcycle oil. Do not buy cheap oil. its bad enough that oil co are cheating the public as it is. They have removed zddp additive. Our older engines need this additive for the softer metals. To use cheap or wrong engine oil in any small engine is begging for trouble. I use mobile. valvoline or castrol in all my small engines. I add zddp with stp oil treatment. You are seeing brand new lawn mowers wiping out cam shafts because of the lack of zddp. I have never had a problem with mine but again. I ad stp wich has zddp.

  • Idling in especially in cold weather also causes moisture in the motor which breaks down the oil and rusts the exhaust and mufflers on the insides.

  • i agree with jeff

  • I'm changing the oil, and throwing on a trickle until weather breaks

  • Might've blown an exhaust gasket! Happened to me last summer...just put Appolonia in the shop!

  • Not sure what the flutering sound is like... you might try to isolate it with an engine stethoscope. Carb slides can make a fluttering sound in extreme cold weather. Always a good idea to to prime the oiling system before starting, if the bike has been sitting. Do this by turning the ignition switch on, and the kill switch on the bar to off, then crank the engiine until the oil light goes off. Extremely important with the stock oiling system... it drains when the engine is not running.