I ve been thinking about what I could do with this club I recently played the...

I've been thinking about what I could do with this club. I recently played the old school game of TOP TRUMPS. Which got me thinking. How does it sound if I make a Grom Version of this game and only include the riders with their bikes? I don't want to completely copy the game. I'll ask for suggestions about how this card game could be made. But first... Who thinks this is a good idea? Or am I just being stupid?

  • Aha yeah a lot have our own quotes so that'll work

  • I don't know, or something silly :P Imagine Jack's would be "Wheelie for days..." Tudor maybe "The Roadman"? :P

  • Should be Jack the Flipper

  • Sounds hilarious

  • Normally done on stats cc and miles a galon ect

  • Id probably. Be low and slow

  • Gavin 'blown up' Davies. Engine CC: 215cc, Miles-per-gallon: 70mpg, Reliability: 80%, Bike Condition: 0%! :)

  • I've made a small start

  • What could we name the game then?

  • Top Gromps?