I ve got a new helmet and don t want to put GoPro mounts on it. Options are


I've got a new helmet and don't want to put GoPro mounts on it! ..... Options are......

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  • Chest mount!

    Or mount it to the bike

  • I've seen a few good track videos where the camera was mounted to get the front wheel in shot, and shows the suspension travel being used.

    Don't really know what brackets exist, but could you use the spare thread on the cylinder head for that?

    Plenty of loctite if so!

  • Seen better angles with more of the road ahead visible but yes that's the idea.

  • that was on the left of the left hand frame rail just in front of my foot so would be a worse view if mounted on the motor of a grom, way too central

  • The one I have in mind was a mate on a track day on an rvf400. Not sure how she mounted it but it worked really well. Can't find the link though

  • Side of a fairing would put it further out and forward so you'd see less wheel and more road

  • Any way to use the bolt which holds the front reflector?

  • Possibly yeah, would be a good angle I think

  • RAM mount on the handlebar.