I ve got a question about lowering the gearing I m in Korea now and the...


I've got a question about lowering the gearing. I'm in Korea now, and the fastest roads for bikes are 50mph. So my 2007 750 aero is geared too tall. When I'm on a fast road, there is always another gear when I think I'm at the top.

But the problem is a lot of the roads leading up to the very scenic temples and such are crazy steep. If I have to stop on one, the clutch groans a lot trying to start from a stop on a very steep incline. I have to go much too fast for how tall first gear is on this bike on those little driveways. I love to explore up on mountain roads here, which are only one vehicle wide, and very steep even for first gear.

Is there any way to gear down a shaft drive? I know it's as easy as changing the sprocket teeth on a chain drive, but is there anything I can do on a shaft drive to gear it down? It really is geared much too tall for me over here.

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  • An example of a steep road. Some are even steeper, with corners that make you stop, back up, and start again. First gear is way too tall.