I ve got a question for everyone I have a 98 aero and I m taking it on longer...


I've got a question for everyone. I have a 98 aero and I'm taking it on longer trips but the wind definitely tires me out after the 4th hour or so. Is there a fairing like this that will work for the aero (and keeping the speedo on the headlight visible)

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  • Must admit like the stance of the shadow without screen

  • Ya, I wouldn't keep it on full time, just on my longer trips. Love the look without

  • Ronnie I have been told that the lowers get rid of all of the back return air and give a much better ride. My windshield is great but on a breezy day I do get some wind return under it

  • I've been wanting to get the memphis shades batwing but at $300 it will have to wait.

  • Ronnie Goodluck, you'd be amazed at how comfortable it makes it. Almost no buffeting. Almost all that wind comes from under the windshield, and the National Cycle lowers block most of it. Also, your legs take a lot less wind, not as many dead bugs on your pants! There are a number of styles out there, but I like the chrome! I bought mine on ebay for $75 new. A great deal.

  • The yellow/black is my wife Nancy's 2000, and the Pearl Bering Blue 1999 is my "new" one. Just a personal preference, but I believe the styling of the Aero is made for this setup. It just looks "right" to me!

  • Daniel Darnell I'm looking at buying the tsukayu 6x9 fairing and their patrol bags.. Are the good quality and how bad was the installation?

  • Installation was pretty easy. I had mine sent primered cause I was getting it painted. So I had to take the whole thing apart then put it all back together then install it.

  • Thanks for your input! Just didn't know if they were actually bolt on bike specific like they said..

  • Yes they hook up where the windshield did. Mine was for 07 aero