I ve got an 01 1100 and we have been having electrical issues


I've got an 01 1100, and we have been having electrical issues.

battery has been tested as good.

from fully charged, i'll ride for about 2-4 hours, and the bike will no longer start.

there is an aftermarket LED light kit on it.

I've tried running without that, and keeping the bike on tender when not riding, and I seem to be ok...

Is this likely the stator, the rectifier, the regulator, or a short in the light?

Again, the battery has been tested as good.

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  • I had a similar problem with my 82 cb750, it turned out to be the rectifier. Not sure if this helps just my experience.

  • better a $10 rectifier, than a $90 stator

  • I'm coming from goldwings, where a blown stator is a really really bad day

  • Try the cheap stuff first :)

  • Start with the easy stuff. Check the three yellow wires (connection from stator wires to reg/rec). It will be under the seat. Make sure the plugs aren't burned. If they're showing any signs of heating up, cut the wires and solder them together instead of using the plug. If you need it, I have a reg/rec I'll get rid of really cheap. I went to a mosfet and I'll never go back.