• I ve got an 06 750 aero great bike but I ve recently encountered some shifting...

    I've got an 06 750 aero great bike but I've recently encountered some shifting issues. From 2nd to 3rd gear only I've got to find a 'sweet' spot for her to shift. Can any give me some advice for fixing this. Thanks!

    • Hmm... mine was doing some very similar things, I gave it an oil change and it's doing much better.

    • Thanks Jim Heard I might try that. It's been about 1k miles since my last one

    • Synthetic is supposedly to slick for a wet clutch. I use conventional oil. Never had a prob.

    • If you had it sitting for the winter i recomend an oil change . Good luck hopefully it fixes your problem sounds like youre clutch is sticking .

    • No Edgar Garcia ske didn't sit much. We didn't have much of a winter here in Ohio so I rode at least a few times a month.

    • Synthetic oil is fine. Oil that's marked "Energy Conserving" is not. As suggested, I'd try an oil change before doing anything else. I would try Rotella T6.

    • I would try conventional oil and see how that works.

    • Marcus Pilant... have you had the chance to change the oil or did you solve the issue?

    • I started shifting sooner and had no problems. My wife and I rode 150 miles Saturday and now that I've changed my shifting habits, I had no problems. Thank yall for the advice.

    • I guess the RPMs could cause a hard shift. Glad you figured it out.