I ve gotta 2010 rancher and I m wondering what s the best Gear Reduction to run...

I've gotta 2010 rancher and I'm wondering what's the best Gear Reduction to run and would a small clutch kit help out to?

  • Don can do it. But he's so busy right now.. where you located at?

  • Jessie Cartlidge I know, just figured he meant agressive tire since he was talking gr

  • Brookhaven ms the seal on the output shafts are starting to get a little moist around them so I figured if I'm going in the motor might as well do it all

  • Yea for the tires he's talking about.. 35% will probably get him by In 95% of the situations.. but if he finds a good hole and his bike bogs down and starts struggling.. he's gonna be pissed and want the 69. Lol (happened to me actually Lmao) I bogged my foreman down bad enough to where smoke was coming out my crank case vent. So ill be doing the 69 soon. Grayson Laverdure

  • Wyatt Price my buddy Paul Mcmanus can do it. He's in Zachary Louisiana. But he's getting ready to go back to work for 2 weeks.

  • I'm not in a hurry right now I'm getting my ideas set before I spend that much money

  • Yea lol well get with Jeremy Lee when your ready for your gear reduction.

  • He make them and how much would he charge

  • Me personally screw a clutch kit u don't need that crap jus do a 69 I got 69 and clutch kit I hate the clutch kit if anyone is dead set on one I'll sell u mine

  • Jeremy Lee makes gear reductions. I think the 69% is 650 plus stock gears. (Not 100% sure) but its worth it.