• I ve not got my V5 doc back and I m looking at bagster tank covers is this...

    I've not got my V5 doc back and I'm looking at bagster tank covers is this colour just called black ?

    One place is selling black ones and also anthracite colour....mines is not just black kinda shines Inside the black if u follow.

    • Its black that you want but make sure it's for a Mrk 2 coz it's different to a Mrk 1 cover , its a metallic paint that's on ur bike

    • I like them and have one on my VFR and had them on a few bikes and it protects the tank. Some hate them I can understand that....

    • Ur lower fairing look good Duggie Heminsley suppose if u want bungs u would need to drill them look good.

    • I have the bagster tank cover on mine.

    • Yes would need to drill lowers

    • its black. if you order from a dealer ,specify for the mk2

    • Looks black

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